Workplace Ergonomics! Why You Should Care.

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  • The average American spends at least 30 hours per week in the workplace. Depending on the job, that number may reach closer to 70+ hours. Most careers and jobs require workers to complete their responsibilities in a traditional office setting – cubicles, small offices, desks and chairs. All those office hours directly impact your overall health and work performance.

  • Today, many people want to make the workplace fit into their active lifestyles. No one wants to be stuck sitting at their desk for 8-hours each day. In reality, however, the average worker (i.e., office jobs) spends more than 9.3 hours per day sitting down.

  • Ergonomic office furniture is the present and the future. These options provide optimum comfort and help individuals avoid stress or injury.

  • Why go ergonomic?

  • 1. Fewer sick days – less back and neck pain accrued from sitting all day leads to fewer doctor appointments and missed workdays.

  • 2. Increased productivity and work quality – when your office furniture allows you to move freely, you’re better able to focus and concentrate on your job.

  • 3. Increased morale – companies that invest in their employees’ health and wellness help workers stay more engaged with their job and the company.

  • It is becoming increasingly important for companies to build their work stations around the human body not force employees to adapt. Each employee’s health and wellness must be considered. Even fun options should be available – medicine balls to sit on throughout the day, foot pedal elliptical machines to get the blood flowing while sitting at a desk, a stand-and-sit desk providing the option to adjust working stance throughout the day.

  • The Winston Sit-Stand Workstation is a great option and we offer it here at Davis Office Furniture. With the Winston, one can fully adjust to a more comfortable environment and it adapts to different body sizes and types with ease. Check out this demo video to learn more: https://youtu.be/FWFWJkvK-QU 

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      Kate Hansen


      I would imagine at some point in their lives, most Americans work at a desk job, which could be very uncomfortable. I like how you mention that you should care about ergonomics at the work place because it can help increase morale. Investing more in an employee’s comfort would probably benefit the company in the long run since their employee will be healthier and happier. I know I would be!

      • Avatar

        Mike Westerlund


        I couldn’t agree more Kate. We’ve had several cases where customers have contacted us shortly after changing to ergonomic equipment to thank us for our recommendation. Even if a business doesn’t want to equip their employees with more adaptable tools, the employee themselves should make the investment. Our bodies are so important and we should be doing everything we can to protect them.

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