Office Furniture Liquidation Isn’t Easy—Let Us Handle the Stress of Removal in Spokane, WA

So it’s time to get your furniture out. Decommissioning your office doesn’t have to be a troubling experience. We’ve always been in the business of repurposing office furniture, and we understand the complications you might experience while trying to figure out a solution. Don’t get caught up in hiring a moving company to store your furniture. Chances are, the amount that you will spend in labor expenses and storage will turn your assets into liabilities in a short time. Not to mention, you still have to sell it or dispose of it, which will cost you in advertising, commissions, and/or disposal fees.

Davis Office Furniture is not only capable of buying your office furniture, we also accept decommissioned or depreciated equipment in trade for the cost of removal. So no matter what, your assets remain intact and you can concentrate onto your next business venture.

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