Cubicles! Should you Shop for New or Used?


Cubicles are everywhere! You’ve seen them in every corporate office, bank, call center, school, hospital, etc. They come in several shapes and sizes, and typically where employees spend most of their time during each business day. Cubicles are commonly referred to as “workstations”, “partitions”, “dividers”, and work spaces”. The need for cubicles is ever-growing and can make or break the bank when shopping for your space.

This article will cover some tips and tricks to watch out for when shopping for new and pre-owned  workstations.


style=”text-align: justify;”>First, Let’s ask ourselves some great questions before jumping into the pros and cons of shopping for new and pre-owned. The following questions are great for analyzing your situation and will help in the shopping process. It is important to know what you need prior to contacting any office furniture store for assistance.

  1. What is the size of the building space I need to fill with employees?Cubicles

  2. How many people am I trying to fit into the space?

  3. If I want to expand, how many more employees can I fit in my office by changing the configuration before looking for a second location?

  4. How much storage will each employee need? (Ex: overhead, file cabinets, pedestals, etc.)

  5. Do certain employees need more or less space than others? (Ex: floor managers, temporary employees, shared workspaces, etc.)

  6. Do the cubicles need to be powered? If not, where is the power coming from to run electronic devices?

  7. Are there any additional accessories the employees will need? (This would include chairs, chair mats, task lighting, keyboard trays, adjustable height work surfaces, etc.)

  8. How long before the space is available for installation? If available immediately, what is a reasonable time frame before I need the installation? (Average lead time for new product ranges from 4-6 weeks and used from 2-4 weeks. This can very upon availability.)

Pros and Cons

New Workstation Pros

  • Large range of options for customization’s.

  • Size

  • Shape

  • Color Palette

  • Functionality

  • Add-ons for growth

    • Adding additional workstations can be very easy. You would typically need to do this if your company is expanding and you need addition stations for new employees.

  • Moving Locations

    • When you move locations 99.99% of the time you will reconfigure the cubicles differently to fit the size of the new space. When this happens, additional parts will need to be purchased to complete the build.

New Workstation Cons

  • Price

    • The downside to new cubicles are definitely the prices. You can expect to pay up to 2, 3, even 4 times as much for new than you will pre-owned or refurbished.

  • Lead Time/ Delivery & Installation

    • Most workstation orders have around a 4 to 6 week lead times and if you have the time to wait, Great. This is usually a serious issue and cause a major hiccup if not pre-planned.

Pre-Owned Workstation Pros

  • Price

    • Let’s be realistic, if a typical used cubicle averages around the $700 range than you would double, triple, or quadruple your savings by purchasing used. That’s not all, if you need 10 or more cubicles, the amount you save ads up quickly.

  • Delivery Time

    • Delivery is much faster with pre-owned. Product can be delivered in as little as 10 business days. However, the average time frame is 2-4 weeks. Also, Parts are easy to find if something is missing or changes need to be made.

  • Recycled

    • Believe it, furniture that doesn’t find its way to a reseller usually finds its way to a landfill.

      Pre-Owned Workstation Cons

Pre-Owned Workstation Cons

  • Matching Color

    • Color choices are limited with pre-owned. So finding a match is very difficult. Also, adding additional units later when expanding or reconfiguring can also be an issue. When quantity runs out on used it is very rare to find fabric matches.

  • Condition

    • Product is common to have natural wear and tear.

  • Warranty

    • Most used office furniture does not have a warranty.


Looking for some examples? Take a look at our project center to see ideas for your office.


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    Italian Office Furniture


    Thanks for sharing this awesome article. I do lots of google searches for finding the right design of my own workstation furniture but mostly are for big spaces. could you please share some designs for small spaces.
    $700 is a lot for me. I think i could have find some less than $700.

    • Avatar

      Davis Office Furniture


      Thanks for the comment. Designs often very according to the layout of the office but we do plan to add some examples on our project center page in the near future. To answer you second question, you can find cubicles for cheaper than $700 per cube but there are many variables so it makes it hard to say there is one price base price. (For example, lets say the cubicle that costs $700 comes with one overhead on each unit. If I don’t want the overhead, the price would decrease.)

      I hope this information was helpful. Our team is very knowledgeable in this area and would love to answer all your questions. Send an email to contact@davisofficefurniture.com or call: (509)328-4893

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