Common Types of Office Chairs

    At Davis Office Furniture, we like to sit – at our desk, in a conference room, in an office lobby, at a trade show… Wherever we are, we’re headed for the nearest chair. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the commercial furniture industry so we know a good chair when we see one! Most office workers are in a similar situation, spending most of their time at the office, sitting. And given the average workday is about nine hours, it’s important not only to have a good chair… you should also have the right chair. There are several types of office chairs, each suited best for specific purposes and different sitting duration’s. Let’s take a look at several Common types of office chairs and their unique features to help you know which is best for you and your office.

Conference/Passive Chairs

    Conference chairs are designed to serve two main audience groups. On one hand, employees may spend extended periods of time in the conference room, on lengthy conference calls, in training, management or sales meetings etc. The conference room also is where companies meet with outside parties – clients, vendors, board members etc. So, conference chairs are often a combination of comfort with adjustable features like height and lumbar support, as well as casters for mobility, and style to make an impression on visitors.

Ergonomic Chairs

    The average office worker spends more than nine hours per day sitting. Ergonomic chairs provide optimum comfort while sitting for long periods of time. They help individuals avoid stress or injury, while increasing their productivity. They offer numerous adjustments so as to fully support many unique individuals. Some of these important adjustments are seat depth, knee tilt, seat height, back height and lumbar support. Overall, ergonomic chairs offer many benefits including pain relief, proper circulation, support, increases concentration and comfort.

Executive Chairs

    This office chair type generally has the largest range of features. It is wide with a high back, and sometimes has an additional headrest, and the chair swivels and tilts. The cushion is well-padded as it’s designed to accommodate very long periods of sitting, and is often contoured with a waterfall edge for comfort and to help relieve pressure on legs. The chair’s arms are usually height- and width-adjustable, and the base most often has casters for easy mobility.

Mesh Chairs

    Chairs can be made with either a mesh cushion, a mesh back or both. Because it’s lightweight and breathable, mesh is a good option for extended periods of sitting, especially in warm offices and/or offices in warm climates.

Stacking Chairs

    Also called “multi-purpose”, stacking chairs are lightweight and, as the name implies, are able to be stored efficiently by being stacked vertically. Stacking chairs are lightly padded, or simply molded plastic, and are intended for high-traffic, short-duration use, such as for presentations or conferences, cafeterias, auditoriums or classrooms.

Guest Chairs

    Guest chairs are similar in design to the stacking chair in that they are compact and can be stacked. Although lightweight, this chair type is designed with comfort in mind, and is better padded than the stacking chair. A guest chair fits the professional décor of an office, offering seating arrangement for impromptu small meetings of co-workers, or perhaps to accommodate sales calls or job interviews.

Task Chairs

    This is a versatile chair type which the user can configure for their individual size, shape and task. This type of chair offers features such as adjustable seat height, lumbar support, arm adjustability, tilt tension and back lock that users fine-tune to personal preference.

Big & Tall Chairs

    For many people, sitting in an airplane seat for even a short flight is an uncomfortable experience. Even average-sized people have to squeeze themselves in, and be locked into place between the rigid armrests. That’s what an average office chair must feel like to a tall or plus-sized office worker. Thankfully, some office chairs are built especially for larger people. The seat is wider, and the chairs are built from stronger materials to accommodate more weight, often up to 500 pounds.

Small & Petite Chairs

    For smaller individuals, a standard-size office chair may work for short periods of time – a meeting or a training session, for example. But a properly fitted chair is very important for petite-sized people who log long hours behind a desk every day. For shorter people, some of the problems associated with sitting in a chair designed for a taller user include: not being able to rest their feet flat on the floor, improper arm alignment, improper headrest or lumbar positioning, and incorrect seat depth which can restrict blood flow to the legs.

    This list will get you started. Our professionals here at Davis Office Furniture are happy to answer any questions you have about your office furnishing needs. From start to finish, we are here to make your furniture buying process smooth and easy.

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