Common Types of Office Chairs

    At Davis Office Furniture, we like to sit – at our desk, in a conference room, in an office lobby, at a trade show… Wherever we are, we’re headed for the nearest chair. Our team has over 40 years of combined experience in the commercial furniture industry so we know a good chair when we see one! Most office workers are in a similar situation, spending most of their time at the office, sitting. And given the average workday is about nine hours, it’s important not only to have a good chair… you should also have the right chair. There are several types of office chairs, each suited best for specific purposes and different sitting duration’s. Let’s take a look at several Common types of office chairs and their unique features to help you know which is best for you and your office.

Workplace Ergonomics! Why You Should Care.

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  • The average American spends at least 30 hours per week in the workplace. Depending on the job, that number may reach closer to 70+ hours. Most careers and jobs require workers to complete their responsibilities in a traditional office setting – cubicles, small offices, desks and chairs. All those office hours directly impact your overall health and work performance.

  • Cubicles! Should you Shop for New or Used?


    Cubicles are everywhere! You’ve seen them in every corporate office, bank, call center, school, hospital, etc. They come in several shapes and sizes, and typically where employees spend most of their time during each business day. Cubicles are commonly referred to as “workstations”, “partitions”, “dividers”, and work spaces”. The need for cubicles is ever-growing and can make or break the bank when shopping for your space.

    This article will cover some tips and tricks to watch out for when shopping for new and pre-owned  workstations.

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